In the progressive world of digital technologies, Japanese text emoticons from the “Kaomoji” symbols have become widespread , which include a variety of signs and symbols available on most cutting-edge gadgets.

Get kaomoji:

The main privilege and remarkable feature of the Japanese style is that there is no need to turn the image over to understand its original meaning. In a generally accepted sense, the structure of emoticons combines the basic components:

  • face;
  • eyes;
  • mouth.

Basic facial features act as a traditional tool for conveying the emotional color of a particular emoticon. With the help of additional elements that delicately season the key combination, it is possible to convey to another user more complex and ambiguous feelings and actions.

In the “kaomoji” format, a myriad of interesting characters, including representatives of the animal world, are offered for an interested user audience. Emoticons have an organic look with a laconic decoration that is pleasing to the eye. Using emoticons as a communication tool has exploded in popularity with the introduction of social media into the life of the average person.

To understand the technology of writing symbols, it is not necessary to complete special courses. Most emoticons in this format are intuitive and easy to recognize. For example, a semicolon indicates nervousness and anxiety. At first glance, a simple layman can understand what emotion the user wanted to convey to him from the other side of the screen.

What are the benefits of using emoticons?

Rational use of the appropriate version of text emoticons allows you to solve priority practical tasks, in particular:

  • to give the message the necessary emotional color in emails, instant messengers, social networks, forums and chats;
  • supplement the text with a special meaning;
  • evoke positive emotions in the interlocutor;
  • establish confidential communication with other users;
  • maintain friendly communication on the Internet with friends, relatives, like-minded people;
  • defuse the situation during intense dialogue or discussion.

Reasonable use of emoticons will facilitate easy conversation and bring new notes of joy to the rich social life of the user.