How to improve the performance of your Joomla site?

May 13th, 2013

Joomla has now become a great choice for many. The attractive features have made it popular all over. Both professionals and website owners prefer this type of hosting for making their pages attractive and appealing. What makes this CMS special from other services? What are the attractive features that help in building a powerful website?

Find solution to all your queries by visiting the best Joomla hosting site! The site offers you with every detail that you are looking for, including the features, the services they offer and how it enhances the look of your website.

Are you using Joomla?
Then here are a few suggestions to make your online pages faster than ever. Read through each of the aspects discussed below in detail so that you gain maximum benefit out of it.

An uptime monitor can bring great change
The performance of your site can be improved by developing an effective response time baseline. The best way to implement it is through an uptime monitor that provides all reporting without fail. There is no doubt that a powerful uptime monitor provides you with all good information regarding your website that enhances in improving the performance rate to great extend. Precisely in minimizes the gap between performance and your analytics.

CDN for resolving the problem
Setting up a CDN solves resolves most of the problems affecting the performance rate of a Joomla powered online page. Well, they offer you with another source for browsing and downloading website files. If you are running a business, definitely it will be a great choice.

Cashing the site
Each and every time when the visitors enter your page, Joomla will have to assemble the concerned pages from database and PHP for displaying in html format. Don’t you think it will be easier if the final output is being stored instead? Well, site cashing does the same. Here the page visited by the first visitor will be created by the tool and that will be stored in the cache. Hence when a visitor enters the same page, it will be cached rather than assembling it again from the database.

Remove unnecessary extensions
Remove all unnecessary extensions and try to maintain a clean and organized site. Are you afraid to remove extensions? Don’t worry. Look for plugins and create backend for the stuffs you delete so that you can retrieve whenever you require without much hassle. Well, you can easily roll previous version, but make sure to check with the restore process in detail.

Optimization of CSS or JS
It is nothing but removing all white spaces and comments and then compressing and combing the JS and CSS file into a single file. Well, the several extensions from Joomla make your task much easier. Understand that all files may not work well properly when compressed and that’s why you need extensions to exclude files if required.

The performance rate is very important. Hence understand what all factors are limiting the performance rate and improve it. The type of hosting service you choose also determines the speed of your website.

Web hosting made easy through VPS service

March 14th, 2013

The sustainability of a business is very much dependent on how efficiently you connect with your potential clients. Your venture will grow only if you succeed in bringing more customers to your side. Now how to reach to the potential clients? Well, you will not find any other source better than internet to market your business. The next step is to find a hosting company that helps in providing you a space using their resources to mark your presence in the web world. Again, you have to choose between various plans that work well for your business. Well, the service proved to be an affordable option with the features they offer.

What is VPS hosting? Well, it is virtual software that acts independently like a separate host providing you with separate resource within a physical machine. The service is provided to create a customized application for your website depending on your needs and can be configured to run its software without affecting the other. Well, this is just a basic outline of the concept of VPS service. You will find a detailed explanation of vps web hosting when you enter the site Eivane.

Key features
Some of the key features include:

  • Dedicated resources
  • Full root access to SSH
  • control panel
  • Dedicated support service
  • Secure and reliable

How it helps in satisfying your business needs?
When it comes to business application, security is a very important factor that needs special attention. When it comes to a shared network, there is a possibility that a user’s action in the network will at times affect yours too. But in the case of VPS hosting, it is different. A VPS facility will provide you with better features compared to shared hosting services. Self dependency is the key feature that makes it different and unique from the rest of the services offered by the hosts. Here in this case, each and every virtual host will be utilizing its own operating system and resources depending on their needs and applications. Moreover it can also be booted and reconfigured independently without affecting the rest of the virtual machines in any manner. In this manner you will be able to enjoy the services of a self independent secure server for your needs.

The dedicated server offered by the service is yet another significant advantage while you own an organization. Virtual Private Server hosting, also help in custom installation and configurations due to its root access to virtual server. Your needs can be easily accomplished by customizing your requirements. Independent operating system can be configured on the virtual server as you have full control over it. 

The performance and reliability also increases due to independent resource management which is very important when it comes to business.  In short this facility helps you a lot in making your presence in the web world a remarkable one.

The food I like most

January 20th, 2013

A hot sunny day and I have been shopping the whole afternoon. Getting past any restaurant leaves my mouth watering. At this point of time you ask me what do I prefer to eat, any tasty food will serve the purpose. But if not such desperate and hungry situation, we generally prefer to eat what we like. When it comes to the food which I like, the list is too big. Me being a foodie, love to eat any new cuisine as new flavors are always good to taste except when you don’t like the flavor.

Italian, British and Chinese are the cuisines which top the list. If given an option of having the food I like the most for a full day, the British cuisine will be the most preferred. I cannot segregate and pick just one dish as there are too many dishes which I like. There will be nothing better than starting my day with an English breakfast. The traditional one which I prefer is poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, bread toast with butter and a cup of tea. This breakfast literally makes my day whenever I have it. Although the traditional English breakfast is not complete without bacon, I prefer to have some light food in the mornings and hence did not include it in my menu.

The lunch time is when I would love to fill my stomach without an inch left to fit in more. The sausage rolls, freshly smoked fish and potato shrimps will fit in perfectly for this purpose. The flavors of these dishes will remain permanently with you such that anytime you think of lunch and these dishes will pop out of your mind instantaneously. I would personally prefer the freshly smoked fish as it brings a completely new flavor in your mouth.

Speaking about diner, my all time favorite will be roasted chicken and some Cornish pasties. As roasted chicken is hot, I prefer having the pasties cold but they taste delicious when it is hot also.There are so many different dishes from salads to dessert and each one having its own flavor. If you take one cuisine only, you will find hundreds of dishes in it. With these many mouth watering dishes, it would be unfair if anybody asks me to decide any one.

Did you ever try to think about this ever? Sounds a bit silly or maybe even Kiddush but it is a good idea to think about it. Every dish that strikes your mind will make your taste buds water. Having an answer for this question will always be beneficial to you in two ways. First it gives you clarity of what you like the most. Secondly it will be very helpful to you in professional life as this question may arise anytime and taking long time to think and answer will do no good to you.

Why I want to start my own blog?

December 10th, 2012

We always want to communicate and express our feeling and hidden talents. Internet is a great platform to reach the world in these days. If you know good cooking or you are good in clicking photos, opt for internet and show your talent to the world. This is a great way of doing this as the whole world can see you and would appreciate or criticize your work which would lead you to the betterment. I am a ardent reader and loves to talk in several things. I like to chat and communicate as well as want to share my feeling with the world.

I like photography and being a traveler I want to share my experience and photos with the world. I live my life and learn from it, thus I always find it quite easy to join internet blogging and share my experiences and concern or some other things what is currently going into my mind.One day I decided to open a blog and now my blog has been flooded with some ardent readers of mine. I do not know whether I am a good writer or not, whether I share the things worthy or not, but I know the visitors are loving me. Hence, blogging is fun. I started as a writer first and find it quite hard to express myself into the concrete book shapes.

I find that blogs are pretty good things to write and share things. That is why I joined into the internet blogging, but soon revealed that blogging is a great fun and a great way of earning too. Are you surprised? Well, do not be surprised as I am sharing some real time experience.I put some affiliate ads into the site and getting high revenue from that. However, that was not my sole aim.  I always wanted to share my thinking and my dreams and wanted to write about my perceptions on the different things that I understand. I interact with readers through comments and learn from my mistakes. I got some real valuable suggestions from my friends over here. This is making me wealthy and rich not what I am getting from the affiliated stuffs!

Though, I just wanted to share this with you so that you can start going for it. Fun along with some side income – is not that great?

Another very big motivation for me was that my sister started blogging before me and when I heard about her experience I was quite motivated by that. She was telling me that I can also start this. Hence, here I am, sharing my own experiences. I hope every one of you is enjoying this and I would like to see your blogs too and want to visit them regularly. So, friends lets connect with each other!

The most popular athlete

November 25th, 2012

Today, the most followed sport around the globe is soccer. No other game has such wide acceptance among the people. The main reason for this fame is the league matches played in various countries.

The English Premier League was one of the most famous leagues and later the Spanish version became equally popular. The Champions League is also a very popular event that showcases the best teams from different leagues. Since football is the most popular game, the hugely popular athlete is also a footballer. He plays for the Spanish club, “Real Madrid” and wears the number 7 for the club and number 9 for home country.

Yes! I’m talking about the stylish footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. C. Ronaldo is one of the most expensive soccer players and the transfer in the year 2009 to the Spanish club was for $132 million. No other player has got such a huge amount before that and this showed Ronaldo’s real value. The club bought him at such a huge rate because they were sure about the player’s abilities. They knew that the transfer will only do them good.

 He grew up to the expectations. Today, he is considered one of the two best players in the world of football. He has scored a lot many goals every season for his team. His dribbling skills and finishing style has been embraced by the football freaks. His talent has made Ronaldo the most marketable player in the world today. Anything that a marketer requires can be fulfilled by this player. He has the skills, the brand value, the looks and everything required to endorsements a product successfully. This is one of the key reasons why top brands are behind him. He has signed plenty of deals with top brands already. C.Ronaldo’s market value has not dipped ever since his transfer to Real Madrid.

He has shaken the nets on plenty of occasions and has thrilled the audience a lot during all matches.The game of soccer has a huge fan following in Asia, Europe and even the Americas. All the people who love the game appreciate players who entertain them and hence Ronaldo is popular player in all these continents. This makes him one of the top marketable athletes in the world.

He is still very young and has a long career before him to reach the peak of fame. This makes him an immensely popular athlete. He has a huge population of women followers and this makes him one of the highly sellable footballers in the field of advertisement. The fame has never affected his game and he continues to rock on the field.  The way he carries the ball to the nets is something that football fans love a lot. It is a visual treat to watch him on the ground. He definitely is the most popular athlete today!

Best Bollywood Movies of The Last Decade

November 13th, 2012

The Hindi film industry of India is more popular as the Bollywood movie industry, has entertained people for a considerable period of time. For years and decades, the industry has offered some outstanding movies to the audiences. Though there are several films that has made great business, the movies released in the last decade deserves special mention.

Though the movie did not get to continue its race for the Oscars, it was initially selected as the Indian film to compete for this prestigious award. Based on the life of a dumb boy [Ranbir Kapoor], the film has received huge appreciation for its story as well as narration. Not just Ranbir Kapoor, the outstanding acting of Priyanka Chopra, who played the role of an autistic child, also deserves mention.

3 Idiots
When it comes to the comedy pictures of the last decade, 3 Idiots deserve special mention. Based on a novel of Chetan Bhagat, the film was based on the life of a young engineering student played by Aamir Khan and his two batch mates. The characters of his batch mates were played by R.Madhavan and Sharman Joshi.

Starred by Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali, Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi, the plot of the movie was mainly based on the famous Shakespearean drama Othello. The script has received warm appreciation from the audiences in India. Yet, the response that the movie received abroad was better than that of India.

Rang De Basanti
Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra direction, Rang De Basanti has been one of the biggest hits of the year 2006. The high budget big screen [250 million INR], the script had an ensemble of cast Soha Ali Khan, Aamir Khan, Kunal Kapoor, Siddhath Narayan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Atul Kulkarni and last but not the least Alice Patten, the British actress. The film was nominated for several international awards and also received the Filmfare Awards in the category of the Best Film of the Year.

Chak De India
Another most successful movies in the career of Shahrukh, Chak De India was based on the life of a hockey player and hockey coach Kabir Khan. It showed how he was criticized after losing a match against opponent Pakistan and the way he made a comeback after successfully coaching the women’s hockey team of India. It also showed the difficulties that the women players of the country have to face from different aspect.

Tips to get yourself ready for an interview

September 23rd, 2012

Interviews are something that everybody has to face one day or the other and most of us dread that day! Usually companies who are hiring ask the eligible candidates to appear for interviews, and then decide for themselves which candidates are eligible for the job post! Thus the potential of the candidate is measured just by his performance in the interview of say of half an hour at the most. So it is evident that you need to be at your very best in an interview. The most important thing that the interviewer notices at the very beginning is your dressing and appearance. If your shirt is not ironed or the dress is not cleaned well, and then knows that your impression on the interview panel is already bad! Try to be simple yet you need to appear professional and clean. Try not to wear too much of perfume as it can sabotage you. Opt for mild fragrances in case you have tendencies of stinking! Some of the following dos are listed below: Dress properly and follow the formal code of dressing. Do not opt for bright shades, pastel shades are the best for appearing in an interview.Make sure you know about the company you are going to interview at. Visit their website; learn about the date of foundation of the company and the domain of work done there. Try to make sure you have brushed up your key skills that have made you eligible for the job!Money is an important factor. So wait for the right chance to talk about your salary and negotiate on the amount when the interviewer gives you the proper chance.You will be asked about your previous employers if any and try to make good points so that you can present them the reason why you are leaving the company properly.All the time stay focused. People often tend to talk too much or talk too less out of anxiety. Don’t keep a grim face, smile at times and speak the truth. Never talk big or show something that is not true.Try to talk more about your strengths and when asked talk on some constructive weaknesses you have. Or just be honest and tell them the shortcomings you have. Do not try to oversell yourselves as it may send a negative message to the interviewer.Try to be punctual as punctuality is something that most employers look for.Before getting into the room ask for permission, greet everyone in the panel, address the interviewers properly and do not sit down in a chair unless you are told to do soWhile talking so not let your eyes stray away, look into the eye while talking as it proves that you are attentive and confident about yourself!